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October 3, 2009

We received a phone call from a woman yesterday asking us about a rental of a property we had listed.  Rich told her that it was for sale but not available as a rental.  She told us that she found an ad for a four-bedroom rental over 2,500 square feet listed in for only $1,300 monthly (an absurd amount for this area).  She immediately emailed as instructed in the ad for more information.  She received instructions to go by an address which is our listing.  Lucky for this woman we had just put our sign up on the property (until then it had only been on internet sites) so she decided to call the number listed on it instead of sending an email.

Due to the current economic times, there have been a lot of rental scams in lately.  There are always people out there looking for a way to make a quick buck by taking advantage of others.  In this case, an unscrupulous person disguised our listing (used our description but not our pictures) as a rental trying to get potential victims to send money or cashier checks in the guise of security deposits and first month rents.  By posting low rents, scammers know that some people will send the money before seeing the inside of the property to secure it as soon as possible.  The scammer is long gone before the victim even knows that they have been victimized.

Rich & Jan McMillen